Our Work

Our Process



A listening session will help me to understand what your needs, priorities, budget, key deliverables, and timelines are. I want to know where you want to go, and how I can help you get there.



I will develop a project that fits your needs and budget – whether remote, in-person, one-off, or recurring. Your project may be short, or long-term, or I may have a grab-and-go product already developed, which you can easily implement to take flight on your own.



Throughout the duration of your project or session, I am available and responsive to your changing needs, and can be flexible to shift mid-course as the situation warrants. Through it all, we are copilots!


Follow Up

I believe that multi-directional feedback is the key to innovation! I’ll be following up with you after our project is completed to check in on your progress towards your goals, any feedback you have for me on my products and services, and how we might continue to collaborate in the future.

Let’s work together.

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