“The WC: Worthwhile Contemplations” Bathroom Bulletin Subscription


A complete school year worth of “The WC: Worthwhile Contemplations,” a bathroom bulletin offering quality professional development in small doses, where your captive audience is assured!

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Congratulations for taking the first step to streamlining and simplifying your Professional Development with The Fly Button!  Each month, you will receive a fresh episode of “The WC: Worthwhile Contemplations”, The Fly Button’s own original bathroom bulletin for quick and easy professional development where your readers are a captive audience.  Hang it on the stall doors, near handwashing stations, and other places where teachers and other staff members will read it.

Each issue contains a mix of some of the following:

  • affirmations and positive morale builders
  • challenges to improve relationships in your classrooms
  • new and not-so-new educational technology
  • tips for building relationships with parents, supervisors, and coworkers
  • healthy recipes and other self-care suggestions
  • reflections to help strengthen school culture
  • links to curated podcasts, videos and other content
  • engaging instructional strategies
  • fun slang, lingo, and cultural references to stay up to date with the kids these days
  • and a QR code to a short video of Tiffany, your virtual instructional coach, demonstrating how to implement an simple innovation to save time, be more organized, create engaging content, and streamline your feedback systems.

This full year subscription is for 12 issues of the WC, because different school districts use different calendars.  Feel free to double up or spread them out however you like.  Your subscription will expire 12 months after your purchase.  Purchase during the month of August to save $20!

When you purchase this listing, you will be able to immediately download your first sample bulletin, and you will receive subsequent episodes once per month directly to your email.  If you would like to view the sample bulletin before purchasing, please sign up for our email list, and you will receive your download shortly.


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